Welcome to the
Go-Lab Coworking Space

A productive workspace located in Golden, BC

Go-Lab Coworking is a productive workspace for entrepreneurs and freelancers, located in the Old Courthouse in beautiful Golden, British Columbia.

We are building a collaborative community within our local community by providing members with a flexible, affordable and interactive office environment. In addition to coworking office space, we also offer room rentals for meetings and events.

A productive

GO-Lab situated in Golden, BC is a co-working office space that has committed to creating a community by providing inspiration, connection and workspace for innovative local and visiting entrepreneurs.

We offer a range of options including: hot-desks, private offices and meeting rooms. So whatever your requirements we have got your needs covered.

First of all, we are glad you are here! You may have joined for a variety of reasons- tired of working from home, in need of socialization or just need to get out of your pajamas? We can help you with all of it, and some pretty cool networking and workshop opportunities too! Hopefully you will make some forever connections to help and support you in whatever fork you choose to take in the road of life.

So, you're busy, we won’t take a lot of your time, but we want to take a minute to tell you “how it works” here at GO-Lab. On our About Co-Working page you can find all the information you need.

The team at Day2Day Books is managing the Go-Lab Co-working space. Feel free to come find us at the first floor of the building if you have any questions, feedback or comments. Or contact us via info@go-lab.ca.


Flex Desks

Whatever seat is available on whatever given day

Drop In

Casual drop in and punch cards

Meeting Room

In need of a temporary space for a meeting or event? We also offer room rentals at half day or full day rates.