Community Volunteer

Are you an individual that looks to make a positive impact in the community? You could be the perfect candidate to become a Community Volunteer at the Go-Lab Coworking space. ⁣

Being a Community Volunteer at the Go-Lab allows you to have full access to our space. It’s the perfect opportunity for anyone that’s been wanting to try out the Go-Lab but wasn’t ready to purchase a membership.

We are looking for someone to be in the Go-Lab for 10 hours a week minimum (2 separate time blocks of 5 hours).


  • Welcoming members in when they arrive
  • Give tours of the space to newcomers and drop-ins
  • Keep the space clean and organized
  • Help first-time members set up and explain how the system works, either in person or at a scheduled time
  • Help first-time users of the Judges Room with reservations and processes
  • Be available for questions from members
  • Inform the Community Manager of any matters that come up

Please fill in the form below and we will contact you soon!